Ashley Faurot, Stylist

“Every setback is a set-up for something better.”

Ashley, originally from Michigan, moved to Virginia in late 2019 and is a recent addition to our amazing team. She’s been working in the beauty industry for seven years now. Ashley believes that the consultation is the most important part of every appointment. Her mission is to have every guest to feel comfortable, feel heard when it comes their hair needs/concerns and maintain the integrity of their hair. She aspires to be a blonde specialist! When it comes to highlights, balayage, and everything in between, she is up for the task. In addition to regular haircuts and coloring, one of her favorite things to do is wedding/special occasion hair and makeup!
Ashley has a deep love for people and making them feel beautiful. She takes pride in her work and is constantly striving to excel. When she’s not at work, she spends time with her puppy Bella, reading and Netflixing.