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Oribe Gold Lust

Repair & Restore

Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore

Reawaken your hair to its glossiest, healthiest prime.

These rejuvenating products combine centuries-old healing oils and extracts with modern, high-performance technology to reinforce the inner strength of each strand and undo the damage of time (and style).

Oribe Royal Blowout

Heat Styling Spray

Oribe Royal Blowout

This ultra-lightweight mist smooths even the worst-behaved mop while speeding dry time. It also repairs split ends, nourishes, softens and strengthens the hair, giving it healthy body and shine.

Spray on damp hair from mid-shaft to ends; go section by section to blow even straighter.

Orbie Volumista

Get hair higher!

Get hair higher with weightless mane-plumping mist. New age polymers swell each hair shaft for incredible lushness, natural body and brilliant luster.

Orbie Dry Texturizing Spray

Bigger, better, glamorous hair.

Bigger, better, full-on glamorous hair. This invisible dry hair spray builds in incredible volume and sexy texture. Patented polymers absorb oil at the roots, leaving you with just-styled hair for days (and nights).

Oribe Fragrances

For male and female fragrance lovers.

Côte d’Azur

Eau de Parfum


The much-celebrated signature scent for our hair care line was created by one of the oldest French fragrance houses, providing us with the perfect foundation for a fine perfume. With its sun-drenched notes of Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly jasmine and sandalwood, Côte d’Azur embodies the glamour and heat of the legendary destination.

Mist over body and hair as desired.

Product Knowledge

For male and female fragrance lovers.

Fragrance Family
Citrus Floral

Key Notes    
Top Notes:
Fresh lemon, plum, black currant, Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian Orange

Middle Notes:
Tuberose, blue cyclamen, white butterfly jasmine

Drydown Notes:
Sandalwood, vetiver, crisp amber